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pic8A French Non Governmental Organization with humanitarian vocation, “CORPS MONDIAL DE SECOURS-USAR” is specialized in Urban Search And Rescue: emergency assistance and rescue of victims of natural disasters. As of 2016, CMS-USAR consists of more than 90 members. Among them, disaster workers and technicians, search and rescue dog handlers, specialists in localization techniques, logisticians and also nurses and medics. For more than 44 years, we have been dispatched after all kind of disaster: tsunami, earthquake, cyclone, flooding, typhoon, volcano eruption, industrial explosion, oil spill, industrial pollution…

Our goals:

– Needs assessment
– Team members and equipment mobilization without delay
– Team deployment in the affected areas
– Medical and psychological support of local population
– In order to save human life and immediately help disaster victims

Our teams:

Our teams are composed of different technical forces, all trained by CMS-USAR. Disaster team members, rescue dog handlers, medics and nurses; their knowledge is numerous and comes from different backgrounds. Completely autonomous and self-sufficient, immediately operational, all our team members are volunteers and intervene with their own rescue equipment, tents and food for a maximum duration of fifteen days. As of today, CMS can count on more than 90 operational team members.

pic14Our missions:

Corps Mondial de Secours activities have a purely humanitarian vocation and are completely based on voluntary work. During its missions, CMS-USAR refrains from itself any kind of political, religious, national or ethical discrimination, as well as any kind of intervention in the domestic policies of the helped country.

CMS-USAR intervenes all around the word with the agreement of the affected country. Since its creation in 1972, CMS-USAR has already launched 51 missions in 25 different countries. You can consult the list of the different missions here.

Support us:

You want to help and support CMS-USAR actions? Different possibilities are available: